Today I learned (sort of) 'fltmc' to inspect the IO request pipeline of Windows

TLDR; You will learn something about 'filter drivers' in Windows

Posted on 30 May 2021 by Robert Muehsig

How to self host Google Fonts

TLDR; search for 'google-webfonts-helper'

Posted on 28 Apr 2021 by Robert Muehsig

Microsoft Graph: Read user profile and group memberships

'Directory.Read.All' and 'User.Read.All'

Posted on 31 Jan 2021 by Robert Muehsig

How to get all distribution lists of a user with a single LDAP query

Discover the magic of '1.2.840.113556.1.4.1941'

Posted on 31 Dec 2020 by Robert Muehsig

Update AzureDevOps Server 2019 to AzureDevOps Server 2019 Update 1

How to update a AzureDevOps Server 2019 to AzureDevOps Server 2019 Update 1.

Posted on 30 Nov 2020 by Robert Muehsig

DllRegisterServer 0x80020009 Error

How I hate COM stuff... and maybe take a look at your file encodings.

Posted on 31 Oct 2020 by Robert Muehsig

How to share an Azure subscription in a team

Let's use Azure, but somebody needs to pay the bills!

Posted on 29 Sep 2020 by Robert Muehsig

How to run a legacy WCF .svc Service on Azure AppService

WCF... that is a thing I haven't heard in a long time.

Posted on 31 Aug 2020 by Robert Muehsig

EWS, Exchange Online and OAuth with a Service Account

Is is possible without full access to all mailboxes? YES!

Posted on 31 Jul 2020 by Robert Muehsig

Can a .NET Core 3.0 compiled app run with a .NET Core 3.1 runtime?

A short lesson in the version selection of .NET Core

Posted on 30 Jun 2020 by Robert Muehsig

SqlBulkCopy for fast bulk inserts

TL;DR: If you want to import many rows in a MS SQL database use SqlBulkCopy

Posted on 31 May 2020 by Robert Muehsig

Blazor for Office Add-ins: First look

TL;DR: Severside Blazor might work, WebAssembly unfortunately no

Posted on 30 Apr 2020 by Robert Muehsig

Escape enviroment variables in MSIEXEC parameters

TL;DR: If you invoke MSIEXEC via CMD use %%var%% instead of %var%

Posted on 27 Mar 2020 by Robert Muehsig

TLS/SSL problem: 'Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel'

TL;DR: Update your machine...

Posted on 29 Feb 2020 by Robert Muehsig

Accessibility Insights: Spot accessibilities issues easily for Web Apps and Windows Apps

TL;DR: Download Accessibility Insights and check our app for issues.

Posted on 31 Jan 2020 by Robert Muehsig

T-SQL Pagination


Posted on 30 Dec 2019 by Robert Muehsig

Did you know that you can build .NET Core apps with MSBuild.exe?

... or how to avoid: 'The Microsoft.Build.Tasks.AL task could not be loaded from the assembly Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Core...'

Posted on 30 Nov 2019 by Robert Muehsig

IdentityServer & Azure AD Login: Unkown Response Type text/html

... and how to fix it.

Posted on 13 Oct 2019 by Robert Muehsig

Enforce Administrator mode for builded dotnet exe applications

... hello UAC!

Posted on 30 Sep 2019 by Robert Muehsig

Check installed version for ASP.NET Core on Windows IIS with Powershell

... can my ASP.NET Core application run on this Windows Server?

Posted on 31 Aug 2019 by Robert Muehsig