Keep your test data with your tests

Unit Testing is great, but mocking the result of each 3rd party call can be a pain. Why not embedding actual real world test data inside your test data and keep you sane?

Posted on 03 Mar 2015 by robert.muehsig

FAKE: Running xUnit Tests with FAKE without knowing a tiny bit of F#

After building should be the next priority to run tests (which we all have, right?). So how can I run xUnit tests with FAKE?

Posted on 24 Feb 2015 by robert.muehsig

FAKE: Building C# projects without knowing a tiny bit of F#

I was looking for a alternative to pure MSBuild and heard of FAKE, which stands for 'F# Make - A DSL for build tasks.'. See how to get stuff running (... building...) even if you don't know anything about F# (like me).

Posted on 23 Feb 2015 by robert.muehsig

ESENT Database Viewer: ESENT Workbench

If you are working with the (very very old) ESENT Database and you are looking for a simple tool to get a look at the raw data ESENTWorkbench might be interesting for you.

Posted on 22 Feb 2015 by robert.muehsig

Developer Conference in Berlin: Spartakiade

If you are in Berlin around the date 21.-22. March you can attend a pretty nice conference.

Posted on 17 Feb 2015 by robert.muehsig

Human readable and editable config files with YAML

What is YAML and how to serialize and deserialize stuff with YamlDotNet.

Posted on 09 Feb 2015 by robert.muehsig

Using FontAwesome with WPF

How to get the beloved Icon-Font inside your WPF App.

Posted on 07 Jan 2015 by robert.muehsig

We moved completely to GitHub Pages - German & English Posts migrated!

After a long time with two different Wordpress installations we are finally on completely on GitHub Pages.

Posted on 24 Dec 2014 by robert.muehsig

Microsoft Account Auth and Profile Data via LiveSDK in ASP.NET

Getting started with the LiveSDK basics: Authentication & Load Profile Data from the given Microsoft Account.

Posted on 09 Dec 2014 by robert.muehsig

Simple WebApp Deployment with WebDeploy and MSBuild in TFS & co.

Continuous Deployment is a pretty simple, but very helpful tool in your toolbox and the first steps can be achieved very easily with pure MSBuild. This works great with TFS or any other Build System.

Posted on 04 Dec 2014 by robert.muehsig

Easy ways to customize Bootstrap

If you are developer - like me - you might already using Bootstrap, but what if you need to change some colors or font-families? Here are some tools that I have found.

Posted on 18 Nov 2014 by robert.muehsig

Using WebDeploy as Non-Admin

The setup for WebDeploy can be rough and if you want to use WebDeploy as a Non-Admin / pure IIS User it can be even harder. I'll show you how to get things running.

Posted on 25 Oct 2014 by robert.muehsig

WinJS for Windows Store Apps: Free eBook, Videos and how you could use it with Angular.js

Microsoft published a free eBook about WinJS development for Windows Store Apps and some other nice material about WinJS. If you are looking for an alternative to XAML this might be interesting for you.

Posted on 23 Oct 2014 by robert.muehsig

OpenRA: Open Source Command & Conquer written in C#

If you ever wanted to take a closer look at a Game Engine OpenRA is a pretty awesome example and brings back old memories.

Posted on 15 Oct 2014 by robert.muehsig

Be aware of Assembly.GetCallingAssembly()'s Behaviour

Assembly.GetCallingAssembly() can be dangerous, so be aware if you use it.

Posted on 05 Oct 2014 by robert.muehsig

HowTo: make out Retweet-counter in a random URL

Posted on 29 Sep 2014 by CI Team

OpenGraph for Twitter Cards

Instead of using Twitters proprietary meta tags just use OpenGraph

Posted on 17 Sep 2014 by robert.muehsig

How we moved from Wordpress to Jekyll - on Windows

TL;DR Normal Wordpress Export and convert this via wpXml2Jekyll to Markdown. Fixed URLs & co. via Notepad++ and copied files. Commit do GitHub. Done. But its a bit harder to get things running on Windows.

Posted on 13 Sep 2014 by robert.muehsig

Visual Studio 2013 Hidden Gem: Paste JSON or XML as C# Classes

Ever needed a strongly typed representation of your XML or JSON content? Visual Studio 2013 comes with a handy feature.

Posted on 08 Sep 2014 by robert.muehsig

Wordpress to Jekyll Migration and Language switch

We started the Migration from Wordpress to Jekyll last month - this is our first post on the new platform and in English!

Posted on 01 Sep 2014 by robert.muehsig