05 March 2016 OSS, FontAwesome, UWP Robert Muehsig

FontAwesome in WPF and Fonts in UWP

I blogged about how to use FontAwesome in WPF last year and wrote a short blogpost about the nice FontIcon class in UWP. With the help of the FontIcon class I could include the FontAwesome glyphs, but working with the unicodes is not very dev friendly.

Bringing FontAwesome.WPF to the UWP universe - OSS rocks!

The goal was pretty clear: I would like to have the excellent FontAwesome.WPF NuGet package working on UWP. So I created an issue on the FontAwesome.WPF GitHub repo and some contributions later the FontAwesome.UWP NuGet package was born.

_Thanks to everyone who was involved!__


Using FontAwesome in UWP…

As you might imaging - the usage is now pretty easy after including the FontAwesome.UWP NuGet package.


    <Grid Background="{ThemeResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}">
        <fa:FontAwesome Icon="Flag" FontSize="90" Foreground="Chartreuse" HorizontalAlignment="Center" />



Pretty nice and it was a good collaboration - big thanks to Thomas Charriere, who is the maintainer behind the project.

Demo Project on our GitHub Sample repo

Hope this helps!

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