04 September 2012 CI Team

Long time no see. Excuse us for this long brake. It’s because Robert moved to Switzerland while Antje moved to another city as well for her studying. There are still a lot thinks left to do but we hope that we could come back to post on a regular base soon.

If you are situated behind a Proxy you might get connection problems while using GitHub. That’s what the problems looked like for me:


The GitHub Client always stops at 9% before it quits complete:


The same thing happens when you work with Git Bash:


Easy trick – Git Proxy Settings

Reason: Git doesn’t know my Proxy-address. At least he doesn’t know the Proxy in IE.


The GitHub support leaded me to this Blog who suggests this alternative:

Either you configure it like this:

Git config – global http.proxy http://proxyuser:[email protected]:8080

Or you safe it directly into .gitconfig (although the first alternative will be safe into .gitconfig as well)

proxy = http://proxyuser:[email protected]:8080

With this it works with the nice GitHub Client and with the Git Bash as well. If you use a Proxy without authentication: simply enter the adress.