08 February 2012 CI Team

What was reserved for mighty Desktop Apps in the past is now coming closer to the web. I’ve going to present three tools to you which are very useful for web developer. At least all the tools are quite cool in there functionality.

Playground for HTML/CSS

If you need a quick Playground for CSS and HTML than you should take a look on Dabblet.com:


The basics are easy to explain: You are able to hitch CSS and HTML Code into the Web surface and you will see the result directly on the Preview.

It’s also possible to save it or share it via Link with somebody else: More Information’s on this Blog or you try it by yourself.

Playground for Javascript (and HTML and CSS)

If you are looking for a Javascript Playground and other additional Frameworks “per Click” a jsfiddler.com a good address:


It’s possible to see some Examples on the Sidebar like for example a simple Twitter Reader.

Here you can deposit CSS/HTML but in fact it doesn’t look so classy like dabblet.com.

Hurl.it – curl online

Last service in this row: hurl.it modeled on curl.


The first examples are directly on the home page like a request to the GitHubAPI. But the service is quite insecure (it wasn’t available the last view days) and there are some problems with answers (the Stackoverflow API doesn’t worked with this Tool).

But at least it is also useful if you want to have a quick play around with a REST Service.