21 December 2011 node.js; GitHub CI Team

Like if assumed a while ago Microsoft does everything to place Windows Azure as “the” Cloud-Platform for several Languages & Frameworks. In the past Microsoft was famous for pushing their own Platforms and Languages into the market seems like changing their strategy and is now pushing for example node.js and publishes SDKs on GitHub.

Node.js on Windows Azure

Windows Azure provides node.js! The SDK includes Powershell-Cmdlets for creating and testing and deploying of node.js applications and samples.

Never worked with node.js so far? Samples from Microsoft

Since now I was only able to look casually above node.js by myself but it seems like the examples from Microsoft are very large comparing to the numerous “Hello World” article but without getting to complex. The first Tutorial includes:

- IISNode for node.js based on IIS

- How to work with the Node-Package manager “npm”

- How this works with the Azure services

- MVC Framework “Express”

For a totally node.js inexperienced developer like me it looks very well and understandable. At last it doesn’t hurt to take a look.

There are also two tutorials which are a little bit more complex: Node.js Web Application with Table Storage

Entrance video in 5 minutes with node.js & Azure:

Node.js – a curious hype?

I’m sure node.js is used to be fun with a few elegant frameworks. I didn’t get far with C# alone as well. Only the frameworks like ASP.NET MVC make it interesting and because of this I’m curious about the development and we should wait for whatever will come.

Anyway Microsoft is on the right way.

All the samples from Microsoft are also available on GitHub.