17 April 2011 Glimpse, NuGet CI Team

imageHow do I get to know what´s happening inside a web application without a lot of logging or to stop with the debugger everywhere? Today I was introduced to a nice helper: Glimpse - it works almost similar to firebug but it analyzes the server side Smiley

What is Glimpse able to do?

With a little Widget what you can find in the web interface you get to know which Session variables are set, which route was taken, which view, which Action/Filter is called and so on.

In the Moment it works for ASP.NT MVC and ASP-NET WebForms.

Be careful: It seems like there are some bugs left at the moment. For BizzBingo the try to show it on the front page failed because the Module destroys something - but the version is at 0.76 beta at the moment Zwinkerndes Smiley

Here you can see a little video the developers have made:


Installation - NuGet!

The installation is very easy over NuGet:



Now you have to start glimpse:

On http://www.yoursite.com/Glimpse/Config or http://localhost/Glimpse/Config just turn the Module "on".

That´s it


Everything else you will find on NuGet or http://getglimpse.com/