23 January 2011 Continuous Delivery, Google CI Team

imageI found two very interesting videos on InfoQ.com about software-developing processes. The first video is about how Google was developed and the second one (matching to the first one ;) ) is about "Continuous Delivery".

Ashish Kumar from Google

During his presentation he talks about how he and his team optimized the developing process of Google. Scalability and other interesting ideas and also a lot of impressing numbers are included. For summary I made this screenshot of his last sheet:


Every minute you save during the developing process is important but it´s also interesting in his report is the way he highlighted the Code Reviews and automatically integration tests. If you want to see the whole presentation, please click here. Also the idea to integrate builds into the Cloud is nothing new for Microsoft - I´m curious about if there will exist a "Build on Azure" button on VS V.NEXT.

Continuous Delivery

During his Interview, Jez Humble talks about the Idea of "Continuous Delivery". Instead of doing things secretly for weeks or months you are able to present your results to your customer very fast (maybe every day?).

Continuous X

I also found this Blogpost while googleing around. It´s about the different aspects in "continuous integration/ deployment/ inspection/ testing".