16 January 2011 Chad Fowler. passionate programmer CI Team

Today I would like to present you a very interesting book I´ve finished reading a few months ago. It´s called "the passionate programmer" by Chad Fowlers. Chad, seems like he is a big name in Ruby branch himself, gives you quite useful advises about how to have a successful career as software developer in about 54 chapters. I´ve liked the way the book talks about our branch and that you need to understand it if you want to become successful in this tough business Zwinkerndes Smiley.

If you haven´t heared about Chad Fowler before take a look on this video of him speaking on RailsConf 2009.

Chad Fowler RailsConf 2009

Personal skills & business sense

Often Chad talks about that you need to improve your skills and risk something in any way. And also he gives useful tips how to deal with customers and project managers. Employed software developers are part of the firm so you need to ask yourself how you can improve the value of the firm. Also I liked his advises about how to manage your time and of course marketing. "If nobody knows what you are selling, nobody will buy it."


The book is not that easy to read because sometimes it´s kind of dry but if you are an dedicated software developer who plans to become a big name in this business this book maybe gives you a little help. Zwinkerndes Smiley Also it´s not that expensive so you might just take a look on it.