08 December 2010 Azure, Development Storage Service, Error CI Team

imageI´ve installed the Azure SDK 1.2 on my computer and tried to debug the application. But as a result I received the following error message. Reason: Instead of the SQLExpress Installation I installed a SQL Server 2008R2.

But, like always, there is a little trick. ;)

Error message

That´s my error message:

Windows Azure Tools: Failed to initialize the Development Storage service. Unable to start Development Storage. Failed to start Development Storage: the SQL Server instance "˜localhost\SQLExpress´ could not be found.   Please configure the SQL Server instance for Development Storage using the "˜DSInit´ utility in the Windows Azure SDK.

Keep in mind: I´ve installed a SQL Server 2008R2.

Usually you will find the DSInit Tool here:

C:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK\v1.2\bin\devstore

But while I was opening it I received this error:


Reason: He tries to find the SQLExpress Server but this Server doesn´t exist.


It´s possible to define the SQL instance-name as a parameter at the tool. But in the standart-installation the SQL Server doesn´t have an instance-name. All you have to do is enter this into the CMD:

C:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK\v1.2\bin\devstore>DSInit.exe /sqlinstance:

NOW it should be working! Zwinkerndes Smiley

I found the solution here