12 June 2009 Traning Kit, Windows 7 Robert Muehsig

image Microsoft released the Training Kit for developer yesterday. It contains presentations, Hands on Labs and democode for the new Windows 7 APIs.
The Traing Kit is directed towards to C++ developers, but Microsoft offers Wrapper classen for .NET.


    • Taskbar
    • Libraries
    • Multi Touch
    • Sensors and Location
    • Ribbon
    • Trigger Start Services,
    • Instrumentation and ETW
    • Application Compatability


.NET Devs:

Some API will be integrated into the .NET 4.0 Framwork, e.g. Multitouch input, the taskbar & jumplists in WPF. With the Wrapper from Microsoft you gain access to the other APIs. The wrapper classes are open source (and are not supported by Microsoft!).

Via Swiss MSDN Team Blog

Written by Robert Muehsig

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