19 November 2008 HowTo, Taskmanagement, TFS, Visual Studio Robert Muehsig

Many programmers know that there is very handy tool inside of Visual Studio to manage ToDos, "Hacks" and so on. I discovered this cool, secret (Visual Studio has a lot of such unknown gimmicks) feature some weeks ago:


You can manage your tasks in several applications: Outlook, "Work Items" in combination with TFS or other non-Microsoft product.
In small or private projects I haven´t a TFS and don´t want to use Outlook - one important point is the connection between the ToDo/Hack/what ever and the code line/code file.

Just activate "View -> Task List" in Visual Studio and you get a small taskmanager.


You can view your current ToDos (+ code line where the ToDo is located) :


If you klick on one item you go directly to this code file:


Just add "ToDo: ..."  to create a new task.

Custom Tokens

You can easly add your own "Tokens" in the option dialog of Visual Studio:


If you work in big projects or with a team you should only use the "Taskmanager" in Visual Studio for very small "ToDos" or "Hacks" - bigger ToDos  should be placed inside other systems like TFS as "Work Items".

Written by Robert Muehsig

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