16 March 2012 CI Team


By accident I found the page of code.nasa.org today. A little icon showing a microphone cached my attention:


Since Chrome 11 there is a “support” for the Speech Input API. I’ve read about this but in fact I thought the integration would be more extensive. Surprisingly the implementation is very easy – with the attribute “x-webkit-speech” (later on it’s only “speech”). The whole thing should be able to work with Input and Textarea elements:

//Supported elements

<input type="text" x-webkit-speech />
<textarea x-webkit-speech />

A bottle of bitterness

It only works on Chrome and you have to speak very slow and clear. He doesn’t understand German and only a few English. Hmm… not a Siri at all. The Speech Input API is still in his baby shoes and there aren’t that many improvements since the Release of Chrome 11.

Have a try

You are able to try it for example here. But this video shows how it works as well (for those who are not Chrome users Zwinkerndes Smiley)



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